There are LOTS of reasons to have a Shortaburger Basket party.

  1. Make money!

  2. Have a good laugh.

  3. Annoy your friends.

  4. Have your revenge on those who invited you to those expensive basket parties.

What do you need to have a Shortaburger Basket party?  Just two things: a Shortaburger Party Pak and your imagination.  A Shortaburger Party Pak consists of 25 individual Shortaburgerizer Kits.  At $49.95, that's a savings of $3 per Kit!  Then use your imagination to have an evening full of fun and surprises!  Here are some ideas to get you started.

The "Make a Lot of Money" Party - This idea comes with some risk, but it also has its rewards.  Buy a Shortaburger Party Pak and some inexpensive baskets at a local Craft, Fabric, or Dollar store.  Make up the baskets ahead of time.  Use your imagination and decorating skills.  There are some ideas on the "Great Ideas Page" that you can try.  Invite your suckers - er - guests and watch the money start rolling in.

The "Roll Your Own" Party - You don't make as much at this party, but there is also less risk.  Buy a Shortaburger Party Pak and invite your guests to bring there own baskets and sundries.  Sundries include fabric, ribbon, rubber bands, and other decorations.  Spend the evening putting your baskets together.  How do you make money?  Sell the Shortaburger kits for the regular price of $4.95, and you have made nearly $3 per person!

The "Virtual" Party - This idea is great for the working woman.  Send an email to everyone in your company, asking who would like to be part of the Virtual Shortaburger Party.  Collect $4.95 for each participant.  Order a Shortaburger Party Pak and when it comes in, send each kit to every participant via Inter-Office Mail.  Quick, clean and simple!  Encourage everyone to take pictures of their creations and share these via email.

Note:  The Carlson Basket Company takes no responsibility for any employee who is terminated due to the mis- use of company resources, nor does it take responsibility for any damages as a result of an over-burdened email server.

The Book Party - This is similar to the Virtual Party, except low-tech.  Put a Shortaburger Basket on your desk with a sign-up sheet next to it.  When you have enough signed up, order a Shortaburger Party Pak and distribute the Kits personally.  While this is less convenient than the Virtual Party, there is also much less chance of being fired for mis-using company resources.

The Shower Activity - You don't make any money with this idea, but you can save money on shower party gifts.  Buy a Shortaburger Party Pak, inexpensive baskets and sundries.  As an activity for your shower, put the baskets together.  Doesn't that sound like more fun than "Scrambled Words" or "Bridal Bingo"?

Of course, you don't have to have a party to buy a Shortaburger Party Pak.  You can buy one if you just want a great deal on Shortaburgerizer Kits.  Say, for example, if you wanted to give a Shortaburger Basket to everyone on your Christmas List.  The Shortaburger Party Pak is a great deal by anyone's standard!

Special Offer!!! Buy a Shortaburger Party Pak, have a party, take pictures, give a testimonal, and send them to  We'll publish your pictures here and send you a second Shortaburger Party Pak absolutely free!  So get started planning those Shortaburger Basket Parties today! Offer ends January 31, 2001.