Why bother with the expense of buying your Shortaburger Basket?  Once you have paid for the shipping and handling, you have defeated the purpose.  Why not make your own?  Making  your own Shortaburger Basket is as easy as 1-2-3 with your own "Shortaburgerizer Kit".  Remember, any basket can be Shortaburgerized.

Step 1:  Buy an inexpensive basket.  These can be found in many Fabric, Craft, or Dollar Stores.  You may even be able to find some around the house.  What better way to get rid of…that is…share these treasures?

Step 2: Punch a small hole in the Shortaburger Tag.  Thread the enclosed piece of ribbon through the hole and tie to the basket handle.

Step 3: Turn basket over, and stick the self-adhesive Shortaburger sticker to the bottom of the basket.  With a fine tipped marker, carefully initial and date your basket for posterity.

Step 4: Next, fold your Shortaburger brochure.  Cut along the lines.  And place in basket.

Step 5:  For added pizzazz, with pinking shears, cut some inexpensive cotton cloth so that it is large enough to stick about 1" above the brim of the basket.  Hold it in place with a brightly colored rubber band.

Click Here for special folding instructions

    And that's it.  You have now created a gift that will be enjoyed for weeks to come, and at very little expense!
    You are now ready to give your special gift, confident that you will be the talk of the party.  Just imagine the look of envy on the faces of the other guests as they realize that your gift is the one getting all the attention!  And think of all the invitations you will get from others hoping to get a Shortaburger Basket of their very own.

    Remember, we call them Shortaburger because:  "You have to be one burger short of a Happy Meal to buy anything more expensive".

    Special Offer!!! Buy a Shortaburgerizer Kit, make your basket, take pictures, give a testimonial, and send them to shortaburger@aol.com.  We'll publish your pictures here and send you a second Shortaburgerizer Kit absolutely free!  So get started making those Shortaburger Baskets today! Offer ends January 31, 2001.