There are many ways to make your Shortaburger Basket something special.  Here are some great ideas.

The Shortaburger Fruit Basket is always a popular item this time of year.  Who could resist a nice basket of pomegranate, star fruit, persimmon, and banana?  Perfect for Christmas!

The Shortaburger Nut Basket is one of our most popular items.  Perhaps it is a reflection of our customer's attitude toward people who buy those "other" baskets.  They must be Nuts!

For that man in the family, how about a Shortaburger Nuts N Bolts Basket?  Perfect for that manly man.

Halloween, Sadie Hawkins Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Vernal Equinox, Mother-in-Law's Day.  What better times to give the Shortaburger Candy Basket?

Hey, save those soaps, shampoos, and conditioners that all the hotels leave in the rooms.  Put them together to make the Shortaburger Soap Basket.  The perfect "shower" gift.

  • Save those complementary wine bottles the airlines give and make your basket a Shortaburger Wine and Cheese Basket.

  • The Shortaburger Newlywed Basket can be filled with...well, we'll leave that you your discretion!