Crystal Dreams


Tony DeSoto is a 14-year-old boy living on a space station and his life is a mess. Between the death of his mother, a distant father, and the persecution of kids at school, he is lonely and miserable. All this changes one day when Tony finds a crystal object in the Welcome Center of the space station. It is about the size and shape of a chicken egg, lying in the middle of the floor, and glowing a bright blue. Oddly, no one but Tony can see it. Several other strange things happen to Tony until he discovers that the crystal is an ancient, alien communications device. It can speak directly into his mind and gives him several extraordinary abilities.


Unfortunately, the crystal is being smuggled through the station by organized criminals who want it back. After unsuccessfully trying to catch Tony, they kidnap Tony's father, holding him for ransom: the crystal. Eventually, Tony decides that it is up to him to rescue his father. With the help of the crystal and some of his friends, he succeeds but they are recaptured. In the end, he gives up the crystal and nearly looses his life to save his father.


While this story is an adventure in the tradition of the Robert Heinlein juveniles, it is also a story about growing up, taking charge of your life, and learning to relate to others. During the course of the story, Tony changes from a scared, lonely little boy, running from the criminals chasing him, into a confident young man who brings the smugglers to justice. He learns to relate to his distant father and befriends two of the nastiest bullies in school.


"I'd rate it as a 9.2 on a scale of 1 to 10.", Adam Baird, 11 yrs.


Affordable to the Individual Space Flight
If you are interested in seeing how space flight can be truly affordable, click here.  The EOE (Earth Orbiting Elevator) is highlighted in this novel.


Whenever I hear that space travel is impractical